In the telling

I began this blog with a quote as a placeholder while I pulled my shit together, or while my shit pulled other things together, maybe both. And because the “No new post” reminder felt a little judgemental every time it looked at me as I admired the other handiwork I’d done.

I began this blog with that particular quote because I’m still trying to make sense of my lived experiences, trying to hash through the rubble and cobble meaning and purpose from what I find.

I began this blog because in the telling of our true stories, mine included, in the unearthing of some personal or universal truth (better yet both), we empower ourselves, as well as countless voices yet to share their common traumas, hopes, and joys.

I began this blog because there are no easy answers, but there is you, and there is me, and there are a sea of words we can sail together, to better understand ourselves, one another, and this bat-shit crazy thing we call living.

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